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Best VPN With No Logs

VPNs with a strict logging policy track your online activity, including browsing history, IP addresses, and connection data.

VPN providers collect information to sell to third parties for their benefit. Logging is done by VPN to limit the number of devices in a subscription, minimize bandwidth, troubleshoot problems, and even optimize performance.

Best VPN With No Logs 100% secure

Best VPN With No Logs

Who wants to get tracked by websites? No one likes that. Every time third parties access your internet activity, your safety might be compromised. Hackers might have your personal details. Your device might be accessed. We never know what other dangers you might encounter along the way.

Instead of using VPNs with a strict logging policy, direct your attention to options that don’t track your browsing activity and history.

Here are the best VPNs with no logs:

  1. Private Internet Access

Zero logs policy? Wait no more with a Private Internet Access.

Whatever kind of website you browse online, Private Internet Access does not gather your IP address, internet activity, and other personal details.

You can watch movies on Netflix,  stream to songs on Spotify, and even gather information from websites without compromising your security and privacy, too.


  • It has a large server network you deserve. Thousands of servers are available.
  • A perfect option for torrenting.
  • Everyone is protected by top-grade encryption. The security is outstanding.
  • It comes with an automatic kill switch. Your session will shut down automatically when needed the most.
  • Available with DNS/IPv6 leak protection. You can enjoy the internet with great anonymity.
  1. PrivateVPN

Who would believe that a budget-friendly option like PrivateVPN does not have a logging policy?

Well, if you have been searching for a no-log solution, PrivateVPN can save you time and make your experience convenient.

Whatever you do over the internet, PrivateVPN won’t collect your information and sell it to third parties without your consent. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

More than the zero log policy, PrivateVPN offers 256-bit AES encryption. You can browse websites with top security and privacy.


  • The apps are easy to use and ideal for those who are less tech-savvy.
  • You can enjoy at least 6 simultaneous connections.
  • It is compatible with HBO GO, Disney, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Vudu, Hulu, Disney, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  1. ZenMate

ZenMate might not be as popular as ExpressVPN. But never underestimate what it can offer.

If your VPN logs, ZenMate is a feature-packed alternative that can meet and exceed all your requirements.

Designed with malware blocker, it can guard your device from possible security risks. It also has a built-in tracking blocker that can guarantee extra protection.

If you are running Windows, ZenMate is a suitable choice. Most of its servers are well-optimized that allow you to bypass geolocation and other restrictions.


  • It is P2P and streaming friendly.
  • It is easy to connect at least 5 devices to a server.
  • Aside from Windows, it is compatible with Chrome, Opera, macOS, Android, Firefox, and Linux.
  1. Windscibe

You don’t deserve to use a VPN with a poor, inefficient, and weak logging policy. Get it replaced with Windscribe.

Its no-logs policy is strong and effective, ensuring convenience as well as peace of mind.

The device connections, on the other hand, is unlimited. The speed of the internet is reliable and comfortable.

As a great choice for small or big families, Windscribe supports torrenting. Tailored with dedicated servers for Netflix, it can unlock other popular streaming services of 2020.


  • It comes with a reasonable price that won’t break your bank.
  • Device connections are unlimited and less stressful.
  • It supports Vudu, FOX Go, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more.
  • Available with an IPv6 and DNS leak protection
  1. TigerVPN

Many VPNs are surely afraid of TigerVPN. Apart from an intimidating name, TigerVPN does not compromise functionality, flexibility, and performance.

Tailored to make clients happy, TigerVPN allows everyone to access any blocked content over the internet.

Whether you like to bypass censorship or even block websites, TigerVPN will be a worthwhile investment that you can ever have.


  • The VPN servers are more than 600 now.
  • It already has at least 62 locations worldwide.
  • The customer support is efficient and quick.
  • Customer representatives are friendly and accommodating.
  • It can help improve your internet speed while streaming and gaming.
  • Able to protect all devices you use every day.

So, what’s your choice? Select the VPN that resonates to your pain points, needs, and expectations!

What Animals Eat Jaguars

Jaguars, which are also known as Panthera onca, are one of the sturdiest and toughest carnivores that can be found in the wild. They are included in the line of good-sized felines. The truth is that they are considered to be one of the heftiest animals in Mexico, Venezuela, Belize, French Guiana, Brazil, and the Southwestern part of the United States. They are a big feline because of hunting big animals.

Considering that jaguars are one of the toughest animals, you might be asking yourself whether or not this large feline has its predators. Reading this post will feed your curiosity. So, read further.

Basic Information about Jaguars

Jaguars have an average length of five to six feet. They also weigh 100 to 250 lbs. This sounds pretty good for a good animal predator. Male jaguars are quite bigger than females. They are known because of their unique physiques. Their body is being covered by a golden to brownish skin with black-colored spots. The spots are called by the experts as the rosettes considering that they look like a rose.

The bottom part of their body is covered by white fur. In some cases, their body is covered by blackish fur, making it a hard time to label and count their spots. Jaguars have different variants depending on their origin. A blackish coated jaguar is usually known by the hunters as the melanistic jaguars.

They Don’t have Animal Predators

Being one of the sturdiest and strongest animals in the wild, we can conclude that this one is untouchable. In other words, no animals would dare to take them down. Since they are considered as the apex predators, they don’t need to worry about the possibility of being beaten and eaten by larger animals. They are the ones that do the eating, for the most part.

Humans as Predators

It cannot be denied that humans tend to hunt animals, including jaguars, and serve as their meal. Some people in Columbia tend to hunt and cook the flesh of these sizable felines. Aside from serving these animals as a human meal, they are also hunted for other purposes, such as the acquisition of fur, paws, and teeth. Knowing that these felines are a natural clandestine, they don’t pay too much attention or get threatened to the presence of humans. Farmers are also one of the main hunters of jaguars. Farmers destroy the jaguar’s habitat with the idea of turning it into a cattle farm.

Prey for Jaguars

Rather than asking yourself about the predators of jaguars, why not wonder about their prey? Jaguars are the main predators of more than 80 animal species. They tend to hunt small to large animals, including capybaras, caimans, fish, snakes, horses, porcupines, cows, sheep, turtles, rabbits, tapirs, peccaries, and deer. The teeth of the jaguars are sharp enough to break the hard shells of a turtle. Upon tearing the bones of their prey, jaguars will take the dead bodies of their victim to an isolated area to enjoy their meal.

The 4 Best Karaoke Apps

Do you want to be the next pop superstar? Are you a karaoke wannabe? Not a problem! These 4 mejores apps para aprender canto will help you become what you want to be.

Singing is not only a great hobby but also offers health benefits. It helps in relieving stress and even improving your posture and breathing. Some people consider music as their passion.

No matter your reason for singing, the following best karaoke apps:

  1. Smule

Smule is one of the most popular karaoke apps today that allows you to make music and share it with people across the world. You can choose either sing solo, duet, or in a group. One of the interesting things about Smule is that you can sing live. It features video filters, pitch correction, and studio effects.

This app was launched in 2008 with the purpose of making music interactive and social. It allows you to sing your favorite and then record them. Using the different audio effects, it’s a lot easier for you to enhance your voice. This app can help you sing in public if you a bit shy of your singing voice.

If you are into Bollywood songs, this app comes with an extensive database for these songs. In case you love duets, feel free to sing along with many different famous pop artists. With its latest version, you can enjoy new features such as behind the scenes work as well as other updates. It also comes with a number of input options.

It has amazing features that you can fully enjoy for free. However, if you want to access the entire music database, you can purchase a VIP membership. When it comes to the library of songs, you can choose from pop to rock to Disney and beyond. Unlike other karaoke apps, this one is being updated with new music. With a huge library, it’s a lot easier for you to practice different songs and help you enhance your voice.

If you are interested in android applications, you may be interested in this application to make invitations from your phone

  1. Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke is a karaoke and entertainment app where you can sing the 50 thousand songs with your mobile device. One major advantage of using this app is that you can record a video using your own device. You can upload the recorded video to the Red Karaoke site.

With a convenient search, you can sing your most-loved songs. You can even sort tracks by album, group, genre, and more. It has a user-friendly interface to navigate easily and conveniently.

This app features an incredible community where you can share your music. If you are confident in your singing voice, you are free to share your talent and receive positive feedback. In case you a good singer, there’s a big chance that you might make it to the trending list of the app.

Another interesting thing about Red Karaoke is that it is compatible with Chromecast and other technologies. This will help you sing along with plenty of people or simply watch lyrics on a bigger screen.

  1. Singa Karaoke

If you love singing in the kitchen, in the car, in the bathroom, in the park, or in any place, the Singa Karaoke will help you improve your singing experience. All you need to have is your mobile device and Internet access.

With this karaoke app, you can connect to the community of other karaoke lovers. From there, you can be the performer or the singer. This app comes with a collection of over 1,300 songs in five languages. However, only more than 30 of them are free. For a better experience, you can take advantage of any of the subscription plans.

To start singing, you can use the built-in microphone into your device, and then it will take you to the camera. In terms of background, you can choose from instrumental or cover of a song version.

While you are singing, the app will display words and visual series on the screen. It will also evaluate your ability to score points. After your performance, you can view and listen to the recording. You can even upload the file online.

  1. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! Karaoke app lets you find a broad range of popular artists. You can choose from all genres, such as pop, hip-hop, ballad, and more. When selecting a song, you can search for an artist or song title.

This karaoke app lets you record a duet according to the original performance or even record your own version. After that, you can save it to your device. You can even share it with it on different social networks and other app users.

You can chat and share the fun with other users. Besides, new songs are added to the library every day. So, you will stay updated with the latest and trending songs.

Final Thoughts

Do not limit the fun in a karaoke experience. Take advantage of the above karaoke apps and continue singing your favorite songs. Choose the app that matches your needs and have fun. Bring out your inner karaoke superstar quality!

Best Hosting for Ecommerce

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is one of the leading ways in which people make a lot of income. This involves buying and selling products and services through social media and other online platforms for advertising and marketing. Ecommerce is an efficient way of living, for it uses minimal resources such as digital devices and the internet to do the work.

Best Hosting for Ecommerce 2020

Also, it is budget-friendly since a physical store or office is just an option if you want to expand its influence more. However, doing all the works in ecommerce can be tiring and draining. Given that, web hosts are made to ease the burden. Web hosts help ecommerce in the way that it handles and manages the website of a business and is responsible for accommodating any visitor. The only problem here is what web host to choose among all the competing brands. Well, worry no more, for we already gathered the best of the best web hosts for ecommerce, which you can consider.

1. A2 Hosting

If you are looking for the best, then A2 is what you need. This web host is designed for handling any ecommerce concern providing the best services and features. It is also regarded as the all-around web host that makes ecommerce a lot easier and effective than before. First, A2 has excellent customer support by providing its clients with the best accommodation as they complain about services and concerns. Second, it has affordable costing that is not a burden to the pocket. All the services are made available without letting the clients spend a lot of money. Lastly, it has a fast loading time that hinders any lagging or interruption as the client and visitors do the work within the premises of the website.

2. SiteGround

Another recommended web host for ecommerce is the SiteGround. This web host guarantees high-quality services and features that can make ecommerce activities be done completely and swiftly. It also has excellent customer support that ensures the safety and proper accommodation of their clients. This is done by keeping their contact lines active 24/7. In addition, they also ensure extreme security premise to protect the accounts of their clients.

Another thing, SiteGround, is regarded as the best web host having the most compatible features for ecommerce. Its features are all made for improving and managing ecommerce websites to expand its reaches not only within one place but across the world.

3. BlueHost

Next in line is BlueHost. This web host is also one of the best as far as ecommerce website management and customization is concerned. The features and services are all made with passion and excellence by professionals who are brilliant enough in this field. All of it is compatible when it comes to ecommerce, such as advertising, marketing, and expansion of the business’ reach.

Also, BlueHost has the best features when it comes to website customization. Different templates and designs are offered to the clients, which they can use in managing and customizing their websites. With hundreds of choices to choose from, you can spot the perfect one that fits your expectations for a website transformation.

4. DreamHost

If you are still a beginner in the field of web hosting mexico , this web host is the best for you. DreamHost is the best choice if you are looking forward to gaining experiences and inspiration to use in the future. This web host is regarded as the best training ground for beginners, wherein they are being offered with high-quality offers and services. Also, it offers services at affordable prices to enable the beginning clients to experience excellence without spending a lot. Great!

5. HostGator

Last but not least, ecommerce is made easier and much more effective using this web host- the HostGator. This is well-known and has been trusted for years due to the excellence and passion it exerts in each service it offers. Also, this web host has the best customer support so that the clients can complain or request anything concerning their subscription anytime. Another thing is that the affordability of offered services is guaranteed to lessen the burden of the clients in managing their websites.

These are only some of the top-recommended web hosts for ecommerce. Considering these can make your ecommerce concerns easier and efficient.

Six Things You Need To Do To Optimize Your Website

Maintaining your website on the first positions in Google is a crucial aspect for your business, especially if you are looking to reach a specific target audience. When your website is not up to date, you will lose many opportunities, and your business will fade amongst the competition. Here are six efficient methods to optimize your website:

Analyze your site and the competition

Owning a website is a necessity in the digital world today, but many companies just build the site, leaving it to rot online and to become old. Make a brief analysis of your website and make sure the information is up to date. Of course, you also need to check your competition and to see what keywords they are using. Don’t forget that users always appreciate quality content.

Check if the website is mobile-friendly

Today, users access information on the internet using mobile devices more, such as tablets and smartphones. It is why your website must show correctly on any screen. Google does not like non-mobile friendly websites, and you will be penalized. It is easy to create a mobile version for your website with WordPress themes, one of the most popular Contents Management Systems used today.


The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is enormous when it comes to the security of accessing web pages. Implementing an SSL certificate will ensure your visitor’s safety, and it will give them a safe environment for a card and PayPal payments. Moreover, Google inevitably favors HTTPS websites.

Check the page speed

The speed of page loading is an essential factor in retaining visitors and reducing the bounce rate. A site that loads slowly will increase the time required by a visitor to find what he wants, and many will renounce visiting such a website in the future. If you’re going to improve the speed of loading elements on the site, you can activate the GZIP compression and reducing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript components. In WordPress, you can find many plug-ins adjusting these settings and making these changes automatically.

Update your content

The optimizing process of a website will continue even after its launch. The content must always be attractive and new. Make a habit in writing an article for your blog every week and in checking the rankings of your pages every month. A minor change of words or some improvements in the speed of page loading could mean a greater Google visibility and more online success.

Web hosting

Yes, is an important SEO aspect, although many neglect it. If you have a website hosted in the USA, it will load slower for visitors in Europe unless it is displayed from a European server. In other words, you company with data centers everywhere in the world, so your website would load fast for any visitor from any corner of the world.

The makes sure your website is always online and easy to find by everyone. If your site is offline, even for a few minutes, a Google crawler might try to visit the website right at that moment. Not finding the website would clearly hurt your rankings, and you will need months to get them back.

The Business of Body Language: What Some Nonverbal Cues Mean to Making a Sale

Listening to a customer with both the ears and the eyes will lend a hint as to what that customer is really thinking or feeling. Nonverbal communication is considered one of the most significant forms of communicating. Facial expressions, gestures, and body language are important factors in nonverbal cues. Learning to recognize what the client’s eyes say can make or break a sale.

Nonverbal Body Language

Nonverbal communication is sending and receiving messages that are on the visual side versus the spoken side of communicating. Nonverbal cues can be made through gesture, touch, body language, facial expressions, clothing, hairstyles, or voice pitch and quality.

For those working is sales, marketing or business management, positive nonverbal body language, according to Entrepreneur Magazine can be indicated with a brief touch of the hand which indicates building a relationship or placing the hand under a chin indicates a person is trying to make a decision.

Negative body language is often indicated by crossing the arms, a nose rub which is linked to deception, feet pointed toward the door indicating the person is done with a discussion, or one of the most common- invading one’s personal space by getting physically too close to a person.

Facial expressions are generally emotional indicators and can last only a small amount of time but can give great insight into what a person is truly thinking.

Nonverbal Trumps Verbal

The website for Performance Learning Systems which provides training for teachers and educators, quoted a nonverbal expert, Patrick W. Miller who said that if there is a difference between verbal and nonverbal communications, “nonverbal will win hands down.” Glenn Ebersole, a strategic thinking business coach, wrote that “nonverbal behaviors make up a large percentage of our daily interpersonal communication.” Regardless of the type of business one is in, reading nonverbal communications is vital to successfully enhancing one’s own communications skills.

Nonverbal Communications is Two-Way Communications

While learning to recognize nonverbal cues from customers and clients is critical to the entire sales, marketing, and communications process, it is also critical to remember that communications is a two-way process. Professionals working with customers will want to learn to keep their nonverbal communications in check.

Reading Nonverbal Language

Ebersole recommended several ways to reading nonverbal behaviors including training oneself to look for the nonverbal communications that don’t necessarily match the person’s words, keeping appropriate eye contact, and becoming a lifelong learner on learning to recognize and interpret nonverbal communications.

Listening to what the customer says is important but watching and picking up on how the customer reacts with nonverbal communications is just one more way to enhance the sales process.

Road Rage

During the summer, there are many women driving families here and there for various activities. And often you may hear or read stories about angry highway confrontations in the paper and on the nightly news. What is happening on the nation’s roadways? Road rage is the answer. These incidents seem to be escalating.


As you drive down the street, you may look into your rear view mirror and see the driver tailgating you flashing their headlights and shaking a fist at you because you are doing the speed limit. How did you get into this situation?

Has this ever happened to you? A driver rushing into a parking space that you were patiently waiting. Another car suddenly pulls out in front of you making you break suddenly. A speeding car passing you in the rain splashing water on your window momentarily blinding you. Each of these actions, and hundreds like them, could set off a violent reaction in a raging driver. Why take the chance? You should never do something that could cause you to be the target of an aggressive driver’s anger.

Take care to learn the following points for safe driving:

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way: Avoid cutting off, pulling out in front of, or impeding other vehicles.

Never make eye contact with an irate driver: If you accidentally offend someone, let it go! Keep your hand firmly planted on the steering wheel.

Drive defensively: Always assume that the other car will pull out or dart in front of you. Stay alert to road conditions:

Don’t drive too fast in inclement weather or on slippery roads. Let other drivers pass easily if they wish to go faster than the speed that you find comfortable.

Now you may have an idea of road rage, use the following when driving:

Never drive when you are angry or upset.

Avoid frustrating situations: Plan ahead.

Allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

Take a slow, deep breath and let it out slowly. Repeat until you feel the stress leave your body.

Visualize yourself in a relaxing, happy situation.

Consider the consequences of angry and aggressive driving/drivers. Drive in a safe, sane manner. Courtesy makes everyone feel better.
drivers out there. Use your head; don’t lose your head. Happy motoring!

Stroke Diagnosis: These are Methods for Assessing Risk and for Diagnosing a Stroke

Arterial Tests

Exams can be done to check for artery blockages or hemorrhages, as well as atherosclerosis. Arteriography is done by inserting a catheter (a thin tube) into cerebral arteries such as the carotid or vertebral arteries. This test gives a better view of the brain vessels by injecting imaging dye into said arteries. X-rays are then taken.

Carotid ultrasound, another arterial diagnostic test, uses high-frequency sound waves (no radiation) to produce live and still shots of the carotid arteries, where atherosclerosis can develop. Artery stenosis, or narrowing, can be measured and blockages can be detected. Ultrasound is a good screening test to determine the risk of an ischemic stroke.

Brain Scans

Two different brain exams can detect artery blockages, hemorrhages, and artery malformations. Computerized tomography, also referred to as a “cat scan”, is a form of x-ray that captures 3-dimensional images of the head and neck. It is a good , quick test to diagnose a hemorrhagic stroke. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, uses a strong magnet (no radiation) to also get 3-D shots of the brain, showing optimal pictures of the brain tissue affected by ischemic stroke.

Heart Imaging

Ecocardiography, or heart ultrasound, works on the same principle as carotid ultrasound, by taking images with high frequency sound waves. This diagnostic test can determine heart defects such as valve malformations or irregular heart beats, that can cause clots which can travel to the cerebral arteries and cause ischemic strokes. For further reference:

The Impact of Stress on Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness in the Modern World

The leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the Western world, since the beginning of the twentieth century, are no longer infectious diseases, but chronic illnesses including diseases of the heart, cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and diabetes, which develop slowly over an extended period of time and tend to affect people across the lifespan disrupting their quality of life. It is estimated that one in five employees experience high levels of stress and £3.7 billion is lost, in terms of production, each year as a result.

Stress and stress-related diseases, as Vollrath points out, are the health scourge of modern times and are one of the reasons why health psychology, the purpose of which is to explain the psychological factors which give rise to the health compromising behaviours which contribute to the aetiology of such illnesses with a view to preventing them, has been one of the fastest growing disciplines in psychology since the 1980s.


Chronic Stress

If stress is chronic, in the sense that it is ongoing and longer lasting than acute stress, it can lead to longer term disturbance of the behavioural and biological processes contributing to disease development. Hans Selyes research in 1956 &1976 suggested that physical reactions to stress involve three phases which he termed the general adaptation syndrome: the alarm reaction, similar to the fight-or-flight syndrome which involves change in heart rate, respiration and perspiration as the body attempts to regulate its temperature; resistance, which occurs when stressors persist and the body works hard to produce the physical changes needed to cope with them including the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol; and exhaustion, which occurs when resources have been depleted and organ systems that were weak in the first place, or heavily involved in the resistance process, become associated with wear and tear.

Vulnerable Groups

Research by Kiecolt-Glaser et al. who are particularly at risk of experiencing chronic stress responses, have found an increased vulnerability to disease as a result of immune changes. Similarly, Steptoe et al, found higher levels of peri-natal mortality, childhood accidents, diabetes and CHD and cancers among those in lower socioeconomic groups, where chronic stress is more common.

Stress & Cancer Progression

Although caution is advised where drawing conclusions from studies into the relationship between stress and coping and cancer progression, due to mixed evidence, some human studies, such as that by Rosch in 1996, do show that stress influences tumour cell mutation by slowing down the cell repair process as a potential result of hormonal activation and the release of glucocorticoids or the production of lymphocytes. A study by Palesh et al, of women who had metastatic or recurrent breast cancer tumours, also found that those who had reported traumatic life events, experienced a significantly shorter disease-free intervals.

Preventative & Treatment Interventions

While multiple variables are involved in the onset of chronic illness, stress, if not a contributing factor, certainly has an exacerbating effect. As such, health psychology interventions which reduce the impact of stressors and help individuals to cope with stressors are of key importance in both preventing the onset of chronic illness and encouraging treatment adherence and as a means of supplementing pharmacotherapy treatments with a view to promoting more positive health outcomes for those who have already been diagnosed.

Celebrities and their Causes: The Pitfalls of Celebrity Support

In the last few years celebrities have taken up residence in the world of humanitarianism. Traditionally, celebrities have held high-end dinner affairs or parties where they can do what they do best and give any ensuing funds to the needy of the world. But lately, they have taken the next step and have actually wanted to be photographed with the aforementioned needy. For most people, the visual juxtaposition of the grossly over privileged next to the appallingly deprived is jarring. Although there are moments of inspiration, more often than not, these photo-ops come across as feeble attempts to grab the spotlight.

It is not that celebrity causes are a bad thing. One need only to look to Oprah and Bono, the gold standard of celebrity humanitarianism, to see the capacity a celebrity has for positive change. The problem is that there is a real potential for serious harm. Most often damage is done when a celebrity speaks out of turn. When Bob Geldof responded to the G8’s promise of debt relief with “Mission accomplished” the whole issue lost its momentum. Scant attention was paid to the ensuing backpedaling of G8 countries and to the rigid conditions placed on the receiving countries.

In other situations, celebrities deign to speak from a position of knowledge and authority which are clearly absent. One case in particular springs to mind. One celebrity, who shall not be named, countered valid criticisms of her adoption process with the inane, “I’m saving a life” and that maybe other people should go out and save a life too. That same celebrity proceeded to justify her adoption process by saying that her actions have helped to set a precedent in a country where adoption laws are largely absent. The arrogance of this woman was astounding and the whole matter reeked of colonialism. The fact that she, who has limited education and experience in international affairs, , development issues, etc., honestly thinks that she should be shaping any country’s laws would be laughable if it were not so absurd. But somehow, she was deluded enough to think that being white and wealthy were sufficient credentials to ‘educate’ an African country on their adoption laws.

The fact is that people do listen to celebrities and because of this, celebrities and their pet projects can shape public perceptions and therefore, public priorities. Because there are so many contributing factors to the AIDS pandemic, issues which on the surface might appear to be unrelated can have a dire impact on efforts to curb the spread of AIDS. That is, campaigns or interventions which impact issues of social justice, poverty, human rights, family structures, and gender inequality will also impact the spread of AIDS.