During the summer, there are many women driving families here and there for various activities. And often you may hear or read stories about angry highway confrontations in the paper and on the nightly news. What is happening on the nation’s roadways? Road rage is the answer. These incidents seem to be escalating.


As you drive down the street, you may look into your rear view mirror and see the driver tailgating you flashing their headlights and shaking a fist at you because you are doing the speed limit. How did you get into this situation?

Has this ever happened to you? A driver rushing into a parking space that you were patiently waiting. Another car suddenly pulls out in front of you making you break suddenly. A speeding car passing you in the rain splashing water on your window momentarily blinding you. Each of these actions, and hundreds like them, could set off a violent reaction in a raging driver. Why take the chance? You should never do something that could cause you to be the target of an aggressive driver’s anger.

Take care to learn the following points for safe driving:

Don’t put yourself in harm’s way: Avoid cutting off, pulling out in front of, or impeding other vehicles.

Never make eye contact with an irate driver: If you accidentally offend someone, let it go! Keep your hand firmly planted on the steering wheel.

Drive defensively: Always assume that the other car will pull out or dart in front of you. Stay alert to road conditions:

Don’t drive too fast in inclement weather or on slippery roads. Let other drivers pass easily if they wish to go faster than the speed that you find comfortable.

Now you may have an idea of road rage, use the following when driving:

Never drive when you are angry or upset.

Avoid frustrating situations: Plan ahead.

Allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

Take a slow, deep breath and let it out slowly. Repeat until you feel the stress leave your body.

Visualize yourself in a relaxing, happy situation.

Consider the consequences of angry and aggressive driving/drivers. Drive in a safe, sane manner. Courtesy makes everyone feel better.
drivers out there. Use your head; don’t lose your head. Happy motoring!