Maintaining your website on the first positions in Google is a crucial aspect for your business, especially if you are looking to reach a specific target audience. When your website is not up to date, you will lose many opportunities, and your business will fade amongst the competition. Here are six efficient methods to optimize your website:

Analyze your site and the competition

Owning a website is a necessity in the digital world today, but many companies just build the site, leaving it to rot online and to become old. Make a brief analysis of your website and make sure the information is up to date. Of course, you also need to check your competition and to see what keywords they are using. Don’t forget that users always appreciate quality content.

Check if the website is mobile-friendly

Today, users access information on the internet using mobile devices more, such as tablets and smartphones. It is why your website must show correctly on any screen. Google does not like non-mobile friendly websites, and you will be penalized. It is easy to create a mobile version for your website with WordPress themes, one of the most popular Contents Management Systems used today.


The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is enormous when it comes to the security of accessing web pages. Implementing an SSL certificate will ensure your visitor’s safety, and it will give them a safe environment for a card and PayPal payments. Moreover, Google inevitably favors HTTPS websites.

Check the page speed

The speed of page loading is an essential factor in retaining visitors and reducing the bounce rate. A site that loads slowly will increase the time required by a visitor to find what he wants, and many will renounce visiting such a website in the future. If you’re going to improve the speed of loading elements on the site, you can activate the GZIP compression and reducing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript components. In WordPress, you can find many plug-ins adjusting these settings and making these changes automatically.

Update your content

The optimizing process of a website will continue even after its launch. The content must always be attractive and new. Make a habit in writing an article for your blog every week and in checking the rankings of your pages every month. A minor change of words or some improvements in the speed of page loading could mean a greater Google visibility and more online success.

Web hosting

Yes, is an important SEO aspect, although many neglect it. If you have a website hosted in the USA, it will load slower for visitors in Europe unless it is displayed from a European server. In other words, you company with data centers everywhere in the world, so your website would load fast for any visitor from any corner of the world.

The makes sure your website is always online and easy to find by everyone. If your site is offline, even for a few minutes, a Google crawler might try to visit the website right at that moment. Not finding the website would clearly hurt your rankings, and you will need months to get them back.