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Forming a Behavior Plan: Teachers Should Try Being Positive!

Teachers find students with problem behaviors very difficult to manage. Students who are disruptive have a negative effect on the classroom atmosphere, which is one that should be focused on educational pursuits, not on a few students who want to rob others of their education. Although educators want to focus on positive interventions, for example, rewarding positive behaviors and giving praise rather than punishments, sometimes interventions that are both positive and negative are appropriate.

Some students with very negative behaviors do not catch on to a positive behavior plan right away, but these are the students that often crave structure and routine—they need absolute rules in place that have very clear rewards and punishments attached. For example, a rule could be stated in this way (remember to state rules in positive terms):

Complete all assigned class work.

  • Reward: Ten minute computer pass
  • Punishment: E-mail or phone call to parent

Often, students who have behavior problems are focused by working on hands-on projects, such as creating charts or graphs or slide shows. It might be a good idea for teachers to pair students who are more focused with behavior problems or if not enough computers are available, enforce time limits, share computers with other teachers (send four students to two other teachers and return the favor sometime.), or send a few students to the media center. Have a conduct card available—if it can be sent by e-mail to other teachers and then to the parent, that would be ideal—so that the students’ behavior can be monitored, especially when s/he is visiting other classes. Monitoring lets the student know how s/he is doing, so make certain a printable copy is also available for him/her.

Punishments are easy to give out; they include detentions, parent contact, removal from the program and other undesirables that foster the idea that school is a negative place, although sometimes these are interventions that make sense for individual students. Rewards increase self esteem, but many teachers find themselves unable to provide rewards that they feel are appropriate or sanctioned by the school. For example, giving students candy is frowned upon, and costly as well. Some rewards may include: free computer time, positive phone calls or e-mails home (although sometimes parents think this is a prank or an intrusion!), time to listen to music with headphones, time to play with a handheld video game. Avoid using free homework passes—this gives the idea that homework is a punishment, something to try to keep away from!

Try to develop a positive behavior plan and see if it is successful. Clues will include: a more relaxed, happier classroom atmosphere and fewer teacher headaches and gray hairs!

Get Hired for Freelance Writing Jobs

It’s not hard to find freelance writing jobs online; job boards are chock-full of these specific self employment opportunities. Almost anyone may learn how to track down these jobs, and it takes only an email address to contact potential employers about the offered positions. It all comes together to create a lot of competition in the work at home job market, and some professionals find it difficult to adequately compete. Learn how to get hired for freelance writing jobs – because finding opportunities doesn’t amount to much if professionals don’t know how to land the jobs they want.

Applying to Freelance Writing Jobs

Getting hired for freelance writing jobs begins with finding writing opportunities online – but it certainly doesn’t end there. Almost all ads for freelance writers request specific materials from applicants. The trick to getting the job is in learning how to present those materials in a way that stands apart from crowd.

  • The cover letter is a writing professional’s major marketing tool – the attention-grabber. A writer who can’t write a great cover letter can’t write great articles for the advertised job, right? Put a lot of time and care into creating a great, standard cover letter which can be applied to multiple job advertisements at once. The letter should be clear, concise and interesting – all while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Use the cover letter to highlight pertinent skills and experience.
  • At the end of the letter, include a link to the writer’s professional portfolio. The portfolio is another powerful tool, used to display an assortment of articles, blog posts and other written works. Display only the best of the best, because that’s what employers should see.


  • A professional resume may also be requested in the advertisement. The resume should consist of a single page, detailing relevant work history and education. A list of special skills or important achievements may also be included near the end of the resume. Professional references should not be listed on the resume; if requested, place references in a separate document.

Getting Hired

Sometimes, getting hired for freelance writing jobs takes extra work. Some employers may request specialized, on-the-spot writing samples, generally 300 words of less. Consider this as a test of writing skill, because that’s how employers are going to view it. Writers should put forth the best they’ve got to offer even though writing samples will be offered to potential employers free of charge.

Travellers’ Diarrhoea: Advice on How to Avoid Food Poisoning on Vacation

Travellers’ diarrhoea (often simply called ‘food poisoning’) is the most common medical problem in holidaymakers. Changes in diet, or even the stress of the journey, can alter bowel habit, but most cases result from an infection of the intestine acquired through ingesting contaminated food or water. The usual cause is a bacterium, though viruses, protozoa and parasitic worms are occasionally responsible.

Symptoms and Risk Factors

The diarrhoea usually begins within the first week of the holiday, though the incubation period can vary depending on the infection. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, flatulence and bloating.

The risk of developing travellers’ diarrhoea is greatest in residents of Europe, North America or Australia who visit Latin America, Africa, the Middle East or Asia. It is less common in holidaymakers who stay and dine in five-star hotels and more common in those who travel overland and eat from local street vendors.

The risk is also increased in the young and the elderly, in people who have diabetes or an existing problem with their immune system, and in those taking certain drugs. If you have any concerns at all about intestinal infections abroad, and particularly if your group includes children or seniors, be sure to speak to your doctor well before you leave for your holiday.

Reducing the Risk of Travellers’ Diarrhoea

  • Avoid uncooked fruit and vegetables that you have not peeled yourself. Do not eat salads, unless you know for certain that they were washed in sterilized water.
  • Use bottled water for drinking and cleaning teeth, and avoid ice in drinks.
  • Water purification tablets can be used if you have no bottled water. These kill most bacteria, though the cysts of parasites may survive. To be certain that water is clean, boil it for ten minutes.
  • Avoid eating reheated food that has been left standing without refrigeration.
  • Avoid undercooked meat and seafood, unpasteurized milk and dairy products, and mayonnaise.
  • Always wash your hands before eating or preparing food, to avoid transferring organisms from fingers to mouth.
  • If you are camping, take particular care with personal hygiene and always make sure your cookware is clean before use.
  • Take care not to swallow water when swimming in pools or the sea, and especially in freshwater lakes.

Managing the Symptoms

In an otherwise healthy adult, the symptoms of travellers’ diarrhoea usually disappear within a few days without any specific treatment. If you are unfortunate enough to develop diarrhoea while on holiday, be sure to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. An oral rehydration solution may be taken, or add a spoonful of sugar to a salty drink made with Bovril or stock cubes. Be sure to use clean water for making drinks.


Eat a light, bland diet including salty soup, bread, rice or pasta. Bananas contain plenty of potassium to help replace lost salts, and yoghurt can help settle the stomach. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and cola, as these can worsen the dehydration.

Anti-diarrhoeal treatments may be bought from pharmacies and reduce the amount of diarrhoea by slowing the action of the gut. They can have side-effects, however, and may even prolong the diarrhoea because they slow the clearance of harmful bacteria from the gut. If you choose to use such a product, always follow the instructions on the packet.

If the symptoms are prolonged or severe, or you have a fever or see blood in the diarrhoea, seek medical attention at once.

Take Simple Precautions for a Happy Vacation

Travellers’ diarrhoea is so common that most people are likely to suffer from it at some time or another. You can help reduce the problem by always taking care with what you eat and drink while overseas.

Which Medications Make Children Wired?

Which Medications Make Children Wired?

Medications which can make children feel very hyper or wired are usually those which contain chemicals similar to adrenaline, which is what the body gets pumped with when under stress. The effect adrenaline has on the body is that it increases the individual’s blood pressure and blood sugar and also makes the heart beat faster.

In Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions For Dummies, Lavin & Glaser identify medications , as follows:

  • asthma medication (albuterol, salmeterol, pirbuterol)
  • wheezing medication
  • over-the-counter decongestants (containing phenylephine)
  • stimulant hyperactivity medication (containing methylphenidate)
  • amoxicillin
  • oral steroids
  • immunizations

It is always best to check with the family doctor or paediatrician about any side-effects which may be causing concern. While most side-effects will not be long-lasting, some medications can cause dangerous reactions, such as anaphylaxis, which requires urgent adrenaline treatment.

Medication Side-Effects in Children – Action to Take

While some medications which make children wired cannot be avoided, such as in the case of potentially life-saving immunizations (where hyperactivity may persist for for a day or two), others may simply be changed for alternatives. As recognised by Lavin & Glaser, in the case of asthma medication, ask if a child may switch to inhaled steroids which should not make sleep a problem, while over-the-counter cold remedies have little proven benefit and are thus best avoided. Oral steroids may be switched for others which have a less stimulating effect and medicine used for hyperactivity can either be adjusted in terms of dosage or switched to try an alternative remedy.

Lavin & Glaser recommend that parents do not adjust a child’s dosage or discontinue any prescribed medication, without first consulting the family doctor or paediatrician. It is also important to remember that the consequences of not taking a crucial medication may likely be significantly worse than any side effects.

As highlighted above, there are many medications which can result in a child feeling wired, including some forms of asthma treatment, over-the-counter decongestants and oral steroids. While some medications may be switched or best avoided, always discuss any concerns with a doctor as an alternative medicine may help get sleep back in track.

Band From TV Returning to Fallsview Casino

I love these guys. And not just because one’s a sexy plumber, two are hot doctors, yet another is an adorable mind reader…ok, you get the point.

Valid as these reasons may be, my admiration actually stems from something much less superficial. The reason I’m so smitten with Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias), Bob Guiney (The Bachelor), James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Hugh Laurie (House), Adrian Pasdar (Heroes), Jesse Spencer (House) and Scott Grimes (ER, American Dad) is because: 1) they are passionate about using their celebrity and talent to make a difference where it counts; 2) they have to be some of the nicest guys to come out of Hollywood; and 3) they put on one hell of a show.

Who is Band From TV?

For those unfamiliar, Band From TV is exactly what the name implies; a group of musicians, all of whom are actors/personalities from primetime television shows. Formed by Grunberg some five years ago, what makes them unique is that after the bills are paid, every penny of what they earn is divided across charities of each member’s choosing.


Ever since I had the opportunity to witness Band From TV firsthand at Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Canada, last March, I’ve been waiting for them to come back. And that happens next month. The guys return for three shows over the February long weekend (February 19-21), once again at Fallsview.

Fallsview Casino 2010

Those in attendance last year will remember the shows for what they were: fun. Men and women alike were on their feet, dancing and singing along to classic tunes like The Who’s Baba O’Reilly and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. The vocal talent of Grimes and Spencer’s skillful handling of the violin blew everyone away; while Guiney and Grunberg joining the dancing crowd in the aisles was a huge hit.

“We had such a great time last year,” says Guiney. “The fans and audience were amazing. We are very excited to return!”

A Great Year

The group has come a long way, even since this time last year, garnering more media attention and gig offers. “More than having evolved as a band, I think we’ve solidified,” says Grunberg. “We’re locked in on who we are. The Fallsview shows were a real turning point for us and I think we’ve gotten better and tighter, really honed the songs.”

“Every gig we do, we seem to get better,” adds Pasdar. “And it seems like the more fun we have, the better we do. Everyone is so giving in this band, there are no egos. And we never lose sight of the fact that we have to be good to score more gigs; it keeps us on our toes!”

Keeping a Balance

So how do seven guys with hectic filming schedules, not to mention family responsibilities, reconcile their growing popularity as a band with everything else in their lives? “More than career-wise, it’s the personal issues that have been really challenging,” says Grunberg. “The professional stuff, we can work that out. But the Fallsview shows, for example, fall on a long weekend when school is out. So it was really hard. But at the same time, we’re able to give so much money to the charities. So we have to pick and choose.”

Friends First

It’s clear that these guys are a tight knit group, both on and off stage. Pasdar, who initially only joined the band for one show, says of Grunberg, “He is just an amazing friend, husband, father…I feel lucky to have a friendship with him. And the fact that we can play together and make so much money for charity is wonderful; in this economy, that’s the first thing to go.”

Making a Difference

For his part, Pasdar has teamed with actor Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale) and plays in support of the Taia Peace Foundation, an organization that focuses on bringing sustainable assistance to Sierra Leone. “The problem is there is no infrastructure to support the agricultural possibilities that do exist in these rural communities,” says Pasdar. “Well-meaning people come in and create a welfare society that is ultimately unsustainable. We try and take a more hands-on approach, by building roads and providing tools for education.”

More Band From TV…

For more information on the many charities supported by BFTV, and just to find out more about these guys, their work and their music, check out Band From TV. And to see them live at Fallsview, visit Ticketmaster.

If you can’t make the show, but want more, come January 18 the band’s first digital download, “Hoggin’ All the Covers Unleashed”, is being released and will be available across a variety of sites. The CD/DVD is also available at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Barnes &Noble.

Bob Guiney pretty much sums it best: “The whole story with this band is that we’ve been forced to either put up or shut up. Luckily we’ve been able to put up!”

Yes they have. And I can’t wait to dance next month.

A Play Pen or Play Yard for Babies & Toddlers: A Guide to a Play & Safety Item for Infants & Young Children



The list of things to buy for growing babies seems to get longer and parents must question whether every item is essential and whether the cheapest or the dearest is necessary to meet their needs. A play pen is a safe space for babies or toddlers to spend some of their day time outside of their cot. Although babies might fall asleep in the pen, it is intended as a space to play so it should be stimulating.

Is a Play Pen Essential?

A play pen is a luxury and in many homes completely unnecessary. For some families it is very useful and treasured because it offers the opportunity to put the crawling baby or walking toddler into a safe contained space at a time when it is not practical for to have her or him roaming freely. In some households there are enough people for this to not be an issue, or the child could be placed in a cot.

Small, Fold-Away, Portable Play Pen & Travel Bassinet

Budget play pens double up as travel cots and retail for around $60 or £30, e.g. Graco Pack ‘n’ Play.


  • Low price
  • Their use as a travel cot and a safe space for a very young baby
  • Portable
  • Can be packed away and stored easily, so ideal for small home



  • A toddler or active baby would not play for long in this small space
  • Short life span as a play pen compared with more expensive models

Luxury Play Yard, Extra Space for Maximum Play

Substantial play pens or play yards retail for upwards of £80 and include: Lindam Safe & Secure, the Babydan Baby Den, the Kidco Playden (U.S.) and similar.


  • children have a large area to play
  • two toddlers can be accommodated comfortably
  • a gate allows easy access for an adult to join in the play, sort the toys, or clean
  • a gate will give make this a versatile play space for the growing children
  • some models can have extra “walls” added to make the area even larger
  • some models have extra options to transform into a play house


  • Expensive
  • Take up a large amount of floor space
  • May be bulky to store
  • May be simply too large for some homes

Play Yard Safety

Guardians should note child safety:

  • children should be supervised, with closer attention if more than one child is in the play pen
  • as if the children were in their cots there should be no blankets or cushions which could suffocate
  • nothing small enough that the child may chock
  • no dangling cords that the child might be strangled

Choosing the Best Play Pen or Play Yard

If there is the space to keep a larger play pen erected full time, and the family thinks this is something that will assist child safety, then the larger play pens will be better value for money. This is because children can be content playing whilst confined within them for a short time until about 2 years of age, possibly older. The travel cots may be used for sleeping but are unlikely to be useful as a play pen for longer than just a few months.

Roleplaying in Relationships: Choosing the Right Toys for the Submissive Man

But a lot of men are nervous about broaching the subject, and particularly the specifics of their fantasies. They don’t want to frighten away their lovers, and also don’t want to script the entire scenario. So if a man brings it up at all, it might be up to his partner to press further, or to try different things. Basically, to choose different toys.

There are many different sex toys to choose from, from the simple to the extreme. When starting to explore, it’s best to start with simple items. In fact, at first a woman can begin with things she already owns.

Roleplaying With Clothing

When taking control of a boyfriend or husband, a woman can order him to wear something of hers – a pair of panties, or perhaps stockings. Wearing the clothing of a partner can be very erotic. And it shows the man right away that his partner is taking control. Submissive men generally fantasize about assuming what is traditionally the female role, and so wearing their partners’ clothing helps fulfill that fantasy.

Fur Toys

Whenever possible, add the sensual aspect to your play. Instead of metal handcuffs, choose fur-covered handcuffs. They’re just as strong – after all, they’re metal underneath the fur – and one can choose a favorite color or pattern. They are readily available in rabbit and fox fur, or in faux fur, in a wide variety of colors. There are other furry toys available as well. Stroke your partner with a large fur glove while he’s restrained. Even an unadventurous mate can enjoy the feel of a fur glove against his skin.

Whip It, Whip It Good

When men say they like to be whipped, that doesn’t necessarily mean the use of a real whip. A real whip will cause real damage. And while it’s true that some men do want that, the majority are looking for something like a flogger. A flogger will give the same effect – the feel of it hitting the skin, the loud SNAP sound – but without drawing blood. But men like to hear the word “whip.”

Talk to Your Partner

It’s not all about the toys, remember. Talk to your submissive man, remind him who’s in control. Hearing “I’m going to whip you” can be just as erotic as the actual flogging.

A submissive man doesn’t want to have to ask for these things. He’s hoping his partner will figure it out on her own, that she’ll read his thoughts and make his every fantasy come true. This isn’t likely, but remember that submissive men basically want their partners to enjoy taking control. They’re hoping that their submissive fantasies are complemented by their partners’ dominant fantasies.

So instead of trying to read his mind, and instead of asking him what he wants, a woman can simply act out her own fantasies. These may not be specifically what the man had in mind, but they will most likely be even more exciting and erotic because he didn’t have to think about them. In these cases, the woman truly is taking control, and that’s what he’s wanted all along.

Roleplaying Toys

Because submissive men fantasize about taking the role considered traditionally to be the female one, they do often wish to be penetrated. But women, when purchasing a strap-on, think small. Men don’t want to be cleft in two – not at first. When starting out, it’s not about the pain, but about the loss of control. That’s the thrill – giving up control to the woman. So pick out a small strap-on.

Also, there are a variety of plugs and other toys for penetration. At first, use these only during sex. But test his limits, push his boundaries – this will probably excite him – and order him to keep a plug in at other times, perhaps while you’re out and he’s at home.

And of course, it’s about sharing the experience, realizing each other’s fantasies. If the woman too has submissive fantasies, she can simply hand her partner the flogger. He will understand, and perhaps make some of his own fantasies come true for her.

Georgia Bulldogs Outranked by Tech in Poll

Are Bulldog fans in for a dismal football season? That could be the case if preseason polls are accurate. Georgia will start the football season ranked No. 23 in the Associated Press preseason poll.

Bulldogs’ Lowest Preseason Rank Since 2001

It’s the Bulldogs’ lowest preseason position since they were unranked in coach Mark Richt’s first season in 2001. The AP poll, has the Bulldogs two spots lower than their No. 21 ranking in the USA Today coaches’ poll released earlier this month. Georgia is coming off an 8-5 season and is back in the AP poll for the first time since the September 27, poll of last season.

“I’m thankful that we’re ranked,” Richt told reporters at a press conference . “I think it’s important to be ranked. I hope we play well enough to move up. That’s the plan.”

Jackets Outrank Dawgs?

The Southeastern Conference has six teams ranked, the most of any conference. Four opponents on Georgia’s schedule are ranked: No. 4 Florida, No. 16 Georgia Tech, No. 17 Arkansas and No. 22 Auburn.

The Georgia Tech Yellowjackets outrank the Bulldogs. It’s the first time since 2001 that Georgia Tech begins the season ranked ahead of the Bulldogs in the preseason poll.

ACC Needs Non-Conference Wins

Though the ACC has the second-most teams in the poll, personality Lou Holtz said earlier this month that if the conference wants to truly be considered a power in college football, its teams must start winning some of the important non-conference games.

He noted Tech losing to Georgia and Iowa last season, as well as Florida State getting blasted by Florida, which has forced it further away from the SEC and more toward the Big East in the power structure of college football.

To truly move up college football’s pecking order, the ACC needs to have a team play for the national championship, something the SEC has had a stranglehold on for the past four years.

Bulldogs Watch List

The Bulldogs, with 17 starters returning, will play four teams that are ranked in the preseason: at home against No. 17 Arkansas (Sept. 18), against No. 4 Florida in Jacksonville (Oct. 30), at No. 22 Auburn (Nov. 13) and at home against Tech on Nov. 27. South Carolina (Sept. 11) also received votes.

Sophomore Orson Charles is working as Georgia’s starting tight end, but it’s junior Aron White who made the preseason watch list for the John Mackey Award for nation’s top tight end. Charles had 23 catches for 374 yards and three touchdowns last season. White had 13 catches for 198 yards and four touchdowns.

A.J. Green isn’t the only threat among the Georgia wide receivers for quaterback Aaron Murray to throw to in his first college season. According to the Athens Banner Herald, Murray is already talking up the possibilities in the red zone with the 6-foot-4 Green and Kris Durham and Marlon Brown, both 6-5.

Recap: Hell’s Kitchen Season Six, Week Six: One Chef Returns to the Competition, One Chef Goes Home

After a surprise departure in the August 18 episode – Jim, who spent the better part of each service staring into space with his mouth agape, was sent packing even though he was not nominated for elimination– the remaining contestants head into week six hoping to last through at least one more dinner in Hell’s Kitchen.

The members of the blue and red teams head down to the kitchen for this week’s challenge, though one team is far lighter than normal. Robert – sent to the hospital last week after a poorly planned punishment found the blue team peddling a large six-seat bike uphill to claim a few bags of onions – has yet to return to Hell’s Kitchen, and his teammates try to move on without him yet again.

Hell’s Kitchen Weekly Cooking Challenge

In possibly the most bizarre challenge in the show’s history, the members of each team step up to a large craps table to roll oversized dice with letters on the sides – not to win prizes, but to select the ingredients that will be used to create the dishes Chef Ramsay will judge to determine the winning team.

The red team rolls first – the letter ‘R’ – and Suzanne wastes no time in claiming rabbit as the first ingredient for the red kitchen. Other ingredients chosen by the red team include potatoes, garlic, ham-hock, and haricots vert (a snooty French word for plain old green beans).

Andy takes the blue die and rolls an ‘H’ for haddock, getting his team off to an appetizing start – until Dave stumbles with the letter ‘F’ and settles on figs for his ingredient. The rest of the blue team’s haphazard ingredients list includes angel hair pasta, apples, and tomatoes.

Both teams head to the kitchen to prepare the dishes, and in the end it is Dave’s figs that are the deciding factor – Chef Ramsay declares the men’s dish superior to the women’s rabbit entrée.

Keeping with the casino theme, the fellas are rewarded with a trip to Vegas, where their hotel suite comes with the standard bar, Jacuzzi and – basketball court? So while the men shoot hoops and relax, the ladies chase stray lemons from a spilled box while unloading trucks all morning – and night.

Before dinner service, the men realize they are a stronger team and more confident without the ever-absent Robert (or “Bigguns” as his teammates lovingly call him). Of course, Robert returns to Hell’s Kitchen nanoseconds later, only to realize that his teammates have distanced themselves from him.

Another Challenging Dinner Service for the Blue Team

Chef Ramsay announces, just before opening the doors to the restaurant, that “for the first time ever” Hell’s Kitchen will have two chef’s tables, one in each kitchen, reserved for chefs from two of his own restaurants.

Dave’s risotto pleases the chefs in the blue kitchen, but the VIP guests in the red kitchen are not impressed with their appetizers. Also unimpressed is a diner who receives a thoroughly inedible complement to her fish entrée – a seared sheet of wax paper wrapped around her dinner. Moments later, a second sheet of wax paper is discovered in a blue diner’s food. A flustered Van, who is manning the fish station, is told by Chef Ramsay to – well his exact words are censored for prime time audiences.

In his frustration, Van has forgotten to take the VIP chefs’ orders, and so he nervously stumbles through their options, offering them “braised salmon with baby remote let…uh…baby romaine lettuce” among other selections. The VIP guests don’t get a chance to try their entrees, though, because Chef Ramsay orders the kitchen to shut down after he is given raw rabbit for an order.

Since the ladies actually finish their dinner service, the blue team is forced to nominate two members for elimination.

One-armed Dave, the best of the worst, selects Robert and Van based on the night’s performance. Chef Ramsay, however, demands Andy step forward as well, and he sends Van back in line.

Before the decision, Robert explodes and says he will hang up his chef’s jacket for good if Andy wins Hell’s Kitchen. His tantrum isn’t enough to convince Chef Ramsay that he has the passion to win, as Robert is told to leave Hell’s Kitchen.

How to Treat Shin Splints: Remedies and Ideas on Fixing This Stubborn Injury

Shin splints are a shorter term for medial tibial stress syndrome. It refers to pain near the tibia bone, or shin, which is located in the front of the lower leg. This pain results from too heavy a workload on the tibia and the tissues around it.


A person with shin splints will notice sharp pain in the lower front part of his or her leg. There can also be mild to moderate swelling. Should the swelling or pain increase more than usual to a severely high level, the person should go to a doctor.


But if the syndrome is more of an annoyance and does not require a doctor or orthopedist’s care, there are a few things that can be done to alleviate the pain, according to the Mayo Clinic:

Rest…but don’t become inactive. Avoid high-impact activities that aggravate shin pain, but try low-impact physical activities like swimming, yoga or biking.

Ice. Wrap ice packs in a towel and place on the affected shin(s) for 15 minutes at a time no more than eight times a day for a week.

Wrap. If ceasing participation in a sport is not an option, compression bandages or athletic tape can be placed around the shin to relieve pain. This is only for serious athletes that cannot afford rest (gymnasts, professional runners, etc.)

Take a pain reliever. Advil, Aleve, Motrin, Tylenol and aspirin can all relieve some of the pain.

Talk to a doctor. Some people have more serious pain than others and may need more appropriate shoes or arch supports to cure and prevent future shin splints.

Homemade Remedy

Athletes sometimes use this treatment, which is a more direct way to treat the pain:

Mash up a pain reliever. This is an old gymnast trick. Take a few tablets of an over-the-counter pain reliever and mash them up. Place them in a small amount of rubbing alcohol and apply directly to the shin(s) with a cotton ball. The pain reliever is going directly to the affected area (unlike when a person takes it orally) and the rubbing alcohol creates better absorption.


Shin splints can be prevented from reoccuring by listening to one’s body. At the first twinge of shin pain, stop and take a break. Additionally, cross-training with low-impact activities can give shins a needed break. Finally, adding strength training can really help. Toe raises and leg presses are an effective way to strengthen shins.