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Recap: Hell’s Kitchen Season Six, Week Seven: Down One Member, the Blue Team Tries to Even Things Out

The September 1 episode picks up immediately following the unfortunate elimination of Robert, a promising contestant who left Hell’s Kitchen in season five due to health concerns and who just couldn’t get back in the groove after returning in season six.

After returning to the dorms, the men are quite vocal about the decision to keep Andy over Robert, and none of them feels like Andy will stick around much longer. The women express similar sentiments about Suzanne, who is more irritating than incompetent.

Hell’s Kitchen Taste Challenge

The following morning, a familiar competition returns to Hell’s Kitchen that challenges the contestants’ palettes – the taste test. One member from both the blue and red kitchens straps on a blindfold and, using only their taste buds, attempts to identify four different foods with each correct answer netting their team a point.

Van and Ariel face off first, and the women jump out to a two to one lead after Van cannot identify venison, pecans or cream cheese. Dave struggles during his turn as well, and after round two the red team leads four to two. The men still trail by two points going into the final round, and it’s up to the nearly departed Andy to save his team. He starts off on the right foot, identifying lychee nuts and pulling the men to within one. However, Andy misidentifies avocado and tuna, sending his team to the kitchen for a day’s worth of making sorbet and unloading trucks.

As part of their reward, the ladies head off to a bizarre restaurant where they eat dinner in total darkness (shown via infrared camera), while the men’s sustenance comes in the form of roast duck and scallops – thrown into a blender and served in shake form.

A Completed Dinner Service, Elimination

During dinner service, both teams get appetizers out in a timely fashion. For the first time ever in Hell’s Kitchen, a palette-cleansing sorbet is served between courses by a member from each team. Being short one chef already, the blue team struggles to maintain the rhythm established early on once Kevin is sent to the dining room on sorbet duty.

When Kevin and Ariel (who was also serving sorbets) return, both teams move on to entrees. The guys can’t seem to get things going again as they stand around looking confused, at which point Chef Ramsay orders the men to start listening and work together. The red team gets a similar lecture about working together when they suffer from a lack of communication that results in a dish of raw lamb being sent out. Sabrina, working the meat station, is ordered by Chef Ramsay to leave the kitchen and eat said undercooked lamb, and she complies without argument.

Tennille takes over the meat station and things pick back up in the red kitchen. However, Suzanne spoils the jovial mood when an entire table’s orders must be restarted because she can’t cook sea bass fast enough to complete the table. When Suzanne finally sends fish to the pass, it is undercooked, so she does what any good chef would – she blames it on someone else (that someone else being Amanda).

The closest the blue team comes to disaster is running out of mashed potatoes three tickets too soon. Chef Ramsay acknowledges the blue team’s dominance by declaring the ladies the losing team. Tennille – who has been nominated for elimination on numerous occasions – is now given the task of selecting two teammates to potentially go home.

Tennille selects Suzanne and Sabrina for their weak performances during dinner service. Chef Ramsay, in typical fashion, tells a third person – Amanda – to step forward as well. Sabrina pleads her case, and Chef Ramsay says he is looking for consistency but Sabrina has only been “consistently crap.” Ultimately, Suzanne and Sabrina get back in line while Amanda takes off her jacket and leaves Hell’s Kitchen.

Recap: Hell’s Kitchen Season Six, Week Six: One Chef Returns to the Competition, One Chef Goes Home

After a surprise departure in the August 18 episode – Jim, who spent the better part of each service staring into space with his mouth agape, was sent packing even though he was not nominated for elimination– the remaining contestants head into week six hoping to last through at least one more dinner in Hell’s Kitchen.

The members of the blue and red teams head down to the kitchen for this week’s challenge, though one team is far lighter than normal. Robert – sent to the hospital last week after a poorly planned punishment found the blue team peddling a large six-seat bike uphill to claim a few bags of onions – has yet to return to Hell’s Kitchen, and his teammates try to move on without him yet again.

Hell’s Kitchen Weekly Cooking Challenge

In possibly the most bizarre challenge in the show’s history, the members of each team step up to a large craps table to roll oversized dice with letters on the sides – not to win prizes, but to select the ingredients that will be used to create the dishes Chef Ramsay will judge to determine the winning team.

The red team rolls first – the letter ‘R’ – and Suzanne wastes no time in claiming rabbit as the first ingredient for the red kitchen. Other ingredients chosen by the red team include potatoes, garlic, ham-hock, and haricots vert (a snooty French word for plain old green beans).

Andy takes the blue die and rolls an ‘H’ for haddock, getting his team off to an appetizing start – until Dave stumbles with the letter ‘F’ and settles on figs for his ingredient. The rest of the blue team’s haphazard ingredients list includes angel hair pasta, apples, and tomatoes.

Both teams head to the kitchen to prepare the dishes, and in the end it is Dave’s figs that are the deciding factor – Chef Ramsay declares the men’s dish superior to the women’s rabbit entrée.

Keeping with the casino theme, the fellas are rewarded with a trip to Vegas, where their hotel suite comes with the standard bar, Jacuzzi and – basketball court? So while the men shoot hoops and relax, the ladies chase stray lemons from a spilled box while unloading trucks all morning – and night.

Before dinner service, the men realize they are a stronger team and more confident without the ever-absent Robert (or “Bigguns” as his teammates lovingly call him). Of course, Robert returns to Hell’s Kitchen nanoseconds later, only to realize that his teammates have distanced themselves from him.

Another Challenging Dinner Service for the Blue Team

Chef Ramsay announces, just before opening the doors to the restaurant, that “for the first time ever” Hell’s Kitchen will have two chef’s tables, one in each kitchen, reserved for chefs from two of his own restaurants.

Dave’s risotto pleases the chefs in the blue kitchen, but the VIP guests in the red kitchen are not impressed with their appetizers. Also unimpressed is a diner who receives a thoroughly inedible complement to her fish entrée – a seared sheet of wax paper wrapped around her dinner. Moments later, a second sheet of wax paper is discovered in a blue diner’s food. A flustered Van, who is manning the fish station, is told by Chef Ramsay to – well his exact words are censored for prime time audiences.

In his frustration, Van has forgotten to take the VIP chefs’ orders, and so he nervously stumbles through their options, offering them “braised salmon with baby remote let…uh…baby romaine lettuce” among other selections. The VIP guests don’t get a chance to try their entrees, though, because Chef Ramsay orders the kitchen to shut down after he is given raw rabbit for an order.

Since the ladies actually finish their dinner service, the blue team is forced to nominate two members for elimination.

One-armed Dave, the best of the worst, selects Robert and Van based on the night’s performance. Chef Ramsay, however, demands Andy step forward as well, and he sends Van back in line.

Before the decision, Robert explodes and says he will hang up his chef’s jacket for good if Andy wins Hell’s Kitchen. His tantrum isn’t enough to convince Chef Ramsay that he has the passion to win, as Robert is told to leave Hell’s Kitchen.

Recap: Hell’s Kitchen Season Six, Week Three: Another Aspiring Chef Gets Sent Home by Gordon Ramsay

A week after Lovely and Tennille were spared from elimination, Hell’s Kitchen continues with Chef Ramsay assigning partners for this week’s challenge. The challenge, he reveals, is to make the perfect sausage. After several borderline tasteless jokes about the men and their meat, the teams start pumping out chains of six-inch sausages.

The red team takes an early lead, while Robert and Jim remain the only pairing incapable of producing a single link on either side. In what may be a Hell’s Kitchen first, the trailing team does not mount a comeback to tie the score, and the ladies easily get the victory. So while the men head off to clean the dorm as their punishment, the members of the red team enjoy a German-themed night out.

Losing the challenge proves to be more than Robert can handle, as he explodes during the punishment when Chef Scott tells him that his passion should show during the challenges and not afterward. One broken broom later, the aspiring chefs get some sleep in preparation for the next day’s dinner service.

Dinner Service in Hell’s Kitchen

During prep, Dave gets a phone call regarding his broken wrist and is told that the fracture will require him to wear a cast that would cut short his stay in Hell’s Kitchen. However, he meets with Chef Ramsay and tells him that he wants to stay and compete.

Back in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay picks Ariel and Jim to be greeters during service. As the doors open, a flood of diners enters Hell’s Kitchen, including a vast array of “where are they now?” celebrities like Tom Green, Nick Lachey’s less famous brother, and one half of Kid ‘n’ Play.

Tek struggles with the capellini, and John O’Hurley (current host of Family Feud) sends his pasta dish back to the kitchen, saying it tastes like a cow’s salt block. Tennille gets her team back on track, further redeeming herself after two straight weeks of near elimination.

On the blue team, however, Andy’s inability to produce satisfactory lamb slows down the men’s progress and sends Robert into another frenzy, as he “overcommunicates” his frustration with Andy.

While Tennille shows improvement in the kitchen this week, her partner in near elimination, Lovely, continues to prove that she does not belong in this competition, and Chef Ramsay does not hesitate to point this out whenever possible.

Midway through service, Dave returns from the hospital and jumps on the dessert station. Chef Ramsay comments that, even though he has just one hand that he can use, Dave is “working quicker than anyone.”

Rush to the Finish Line, Elimination

Chef Ramsay then states that the first team to finish all of their tickets will be the winner. Both teams rush to finish their final three tickets, but Andy rushes too fast and tries to send out raw chicken. Ultimately, the mistake is meaningless as the blue team still manages to complete service first.

As a result, Sabrina – “the best of the worst” – is given the task of choosing two teammates for possible elimination. Those two candidates end up being Tek and Lovely, the latter of whom is called “more laid back than an ironing board” by Chef Ramsay.

Before making a decision, Chef Ramsay asks Suzanne who she would send home, and without hesitation she names Lovely as the one who should leave the show. Chef Ramsay says he agrees with that decision, and Lovely – or “Useless” as Chef Ramsay says her name should be – takes off her jacket and leaves Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 2: The Red Team Puts Their Hopes In Robert

After a disappointing first dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs return to their dorms following elimination. The Red Team takes advantage of having Robert on their team, since he is the only chef to have already competed in Hell’s Kitchen.

After a good night’s sleep, both teams report to Chef Ramsay to receive instructions for their next challenge.

The Shrimp Challenge

For the challenge, each chef on both teams must clean shrimp by properly de-shelling, de-heading, and de-veining as many as possible in 10 minutes. At the end of the 10 minutes, Chef Ramsay will inspect each shrimp and the team with the most shrimp cleaned properly will win the challenge. Because the Red Team has one more chef than the Blue Team, Chef Ramsay picks Lovely to sit out the challenge.

Ramsay examines the shrimp, and one by one, either declares it perfect, or throws it in the bin. The women are first, and have 44 shrimp that meet Ramsay’s satisfaction. The men, however, manage to clean 45 shrimp to perfection, and they win the challenge.

The men are treated to a seafood feast and yacht ride, while the Red Team has to prepare enough shrimp and lemons to make shrimp cocktail for the entire dining room.

The Second Dinner Service in Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Ramsay declares that there will be tableside shrimp scampi service, and selects Van and Tennille to do the duty for their respective teams. Both chefs have trouble with this task, as Tennille tries to serve raw shrimp to a pregnant woman and Van starts to serve tables marked for the Red Team. Jean-Philippe and Van exchange words in front of the diners, and Chef Ramsay tries to diffuse the situation.

In the kitchens, things are not much better. Both teams have difficulty getting chicken properly cooked, Lovely continually burns the fish, and neither kitchen can get orders out to the dining room. Ramsay finally orders the chefs to quit cooking and prepare shrimp cocktails for everyone so that the customers can at least get something to eat.

Preparing for Elimination

Because of the dismal performance of both teams, Ramsay instructs each team to nominate two people for elimination. The Red Team puts up Tennille and Lovely as their nominees, both due to their poor performance at dinner service.

Ramsay then asks Joseph who the Blue Team has nominated and why. Joseph has an attitude and doesn’t respond to Ramsay’s question, saying that the nominated chefs know who they are and why they were nominated. After repeated tries, Chef Ramsay and the other chefs cannot get Joseph to lose his attitude and answer the question. Finally, Joseph pulls off his jacket storms down to the front, coming face-to-face with Ramsay, asking him to step outside.

The episode ends in a showdown between Ramsay and Joseph, To Be Continued…..