It’s not hard to find freelance writing jobs online; job boards are chock-full of these specific self employment opportunities. Almost anyone may learn how to track down these jobs, and it takes only an email address to contact potential employers about the offered positions. It all comes together to create a lot of competition in the work at home job market, and some professionals find it difficult to adequately compete. Learn how to get hired for freelance writing jobs – because finding opportunities doesn’t amount to much if professionals don’t know how to land the jobs they want.

Applying to Freelance Writing Jobs

Getting hired for freelance writing jobs begins with finding writing opportunities online – but it certainly doesn’t end there. Almost all ads for freelance writers request specific materials from applicants. The trick to getting the job is in learning how to present those materials in a way that stands apart from crowd.

  • The cover letter is a writing professional’s major marketing tool – the attention-grabber. A writer who can’t write a great cover letter can’t write great articles for the advertised job, right? Put a lot of time and care into creating a great, standard cover letter which can be applied to multiple job advertisements at once. The letter should be clear, concise and interesting – all while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Use the cover letter to highlight pertinent skills and experience.
  • At the end of the letter, include a link to the writer’s professional portfolio. The portfolio is another powerful tool, used to display an assortment of articles, blog posts and other written works. Display only the best of the best, because that’s what employers should see.


  • A professional resume may also be requested in the advertisement. The resume should consist of a single page, detailing relevant work history and education. A list of special skills or important achievements may also be included near the end of the resume. Professional references should not be listed on the resume; if requested, place references in a separate document.

Getting Hired

Sometimes, getting hired for freelance writing jobs takes extra work. Some employers may request specialized, on-the-spot writing samples, generally 300 words of less. Consider this as a test of writing skill, because that’s how employers are going to view it. Writers should put forth the best they’ve got to offer even though writing samples will be offered to potential employers free of charge.