After a surprise departure in the August 18 episode – Jim, who spent the better part of each service staring into space with his mouth agape, was sent packing even though he was not nominated for elimination– the remaining contestants head into week six hoping to last through at least one more dinner in Hell’s Kitchen.

The members of the blue and red teams head down to the kitchen for this week’s challenge, though one team is far lighter than normal. Robert – sent to the hospital last week after a poorly planned punishment found the blue team peddling a large six-seat bike uphill to claim a few bags of onions – has yet to return to Hell’s Kitchen, and his teammates try to move on without him yet again.

Hell’s Kitchen Weekly Cooking Challenge

In possibly the most bizarre challenge in the show’s history, the members of each team step up to a large craps table to roll oversized dice with letters on the sides – not to win prizes, but to select the ingredients that will be used to create the dishes Chef Ramsay will judge to determine the winning team.

The red team rolls first – the letter ‘R’ – and Suzanne wastes no time in claiming rabbit as the first ingredient for the red kitchen. Other ingredients chosen by the red team include potatoes, garlic, ham-hock, and haricots vert (a snooty French word for plain old green beans).

Andy takes the blue die and rolls an ‘H’ for haddock, getting his team off to an appetizing start – until Dave stumbles with the letter ‘F’ and settles on figs for his ingredient. The rest of the blue team’s haphazard ingredients list includes angel hair pasta, apples, and tomatoes.

Both teams head to the kitchen to prepare the dishes, and in the end it is Dave’s figs that are the deciding factor – Chef Ramsay declares the men’s dish superior to the women’s rabbit entrée.

Keeping with the casino theme, the fellas are rewarded with a trip to Vegas, where their hotel suite comes with the standard bar, Jacuzzi and – basketball court? So while the men shoot hoops and relax, the ladies chase stray lemons from a spilled box while unloading trucks all morning – and night.

Before dinner service, the men realize they are a stronger team and more confident without the ever-absent Robert (or “Bigguns” as his teammates lovingly call him). Of course, Robert returns to Hell’s Kitchen nanoseconds later, only to realize that his teammates have distanced themselves from him.

Another Challenging Dinner Service for the Blue Team

Chef Ramsay announces, just before opening the doors to the restaurant, that “for the first time ever” Hell’s Kitchen will have two chef’s tables, one in each kitchen, reserved for chefs from two of his own restaurants.

Dave’s risotto pleases the chefs in the blue kitchen, but the VIP guests in the red kitchen are not impressed with their appetizers. Also unimpressed is a diner who receives a thoroughly inedible complement to her fish entrée – a seared sheet of wax paper wrapped around her dinner. Moments later, a second sheet of wax paper is discovered in a blue diner’s food. A flustered Van, who is manning the fish station, is told by Chef Ramsay to – well his exact words are censored for prime time audiences.

In his frustration, Van has forgotten to take the VIP chefs’ orders, and so he nervously stumbles through their options, offering them “braised salmon with baby remote let…uh…baby romaine lettuce” among other selections. The VIP guests don’t get a chance to try their entrees, though, because Chef Ramsay orders the kitchen to shut down after he is given raw rabbit for an order.

Since the ladies actually finish their dinner service, the blue team is forced to nominate two members for elimination.

One-armed Dave, the best of the worst, selects Robert and Van based on the night’s performance. Chef Ramsay, however, demands Andy step forward as well, and he sends Van back in line.

Before the decision, Robert explodes and says he will hang up his chef’s jacket for good if Andy wins Hell’s Kitchen. His tantrum isn’t enough to convince Chef Ramsay that he has the passion to win, as Robert is told to leave Hell’s Kitchen.