The September 1 episode picks up immediately following the unfortunate elimination of Robert, a promising contestant who left Hell’s Kitchen in season five due to health concerns and who just couldn’t get back in the groove after returning in season six.

After returning to the dorms, the men are quite vocal about the decision to keep Andy over Robert, and none of them feels like Andy will stick around much longer. The women express similar sentiments about Suzanne, who is more irritating than incompetent.

Hell’s Kitchen Taste Challenge

The following morning, a familiar competition returns to Hell’s Kitchen that challenges the contestants’ palettes – the taste test. One member from both the blue and red kitchens straps on a blindfold and, using only their taste buds, attempts to identify four different foods with each correct answer netting their team a point.

Van and Ariel face off first, and the women jump out to a two to one lead after Van cannot identify venison, pecans or cream cheese. Dave struggles during his turn as well, and after round two the red team leads four to two. The men still trail by two points going into the final round, and it’s up to the nearly departed Andy to save his team. He starts off on the right foot, identifying lychee nuts and pulling the men to within one. However, Andy misidentifies avocado and tuna, sending his team to the kitchen for a day’s worth of making sorbet and unloading trucks.

As part of their reward, the ladies head off to a bizarre restaurant where they eat dinner in total darkness (shown via infrared camera), while the men’s sustenance comes in the form of roast duck and scallops – thrown into a blender and served in shake form.

A Completed Dinner Service, Elimination

During dinner service, both teams get appetizers out in a timely fashion. For the first time ever in Hell’s Kitchen, a palette-cleansing sorbet is served between courses by a member from each team. Being short one chef already, the blue team struggles to maintain the rhythm established early on once Kevin is sent to the dining room on sorbet duty.

When Kevin and Ariel (who was also serving sorbets) return, both teams move on to entrees. The guys can’t seem to get things going again as they stand around looking confused, at which point Chef Ramsay orders the men to start listening and work together. The red team gets a similar lecture about working together when they suffer from a lack of communication that results in a dish of raw lamb being sent out. Sabrina, working the meat station, is ordered by Chef Ramsay to leave the kitchen and eat said undercooked lamb, and she complies without argument.

Tennille takes over the meat station and things pick back up in the red kitchen. However, Suzanne spoils the jovial mood when an entire table’s orders must be restarted because she can’t cook sea bass fast enough to complete the table. When Suzanne finally sends fish to the pass, it is undercooked, so she does what any good chef would – she blames it on someone else (that someone else being Amanda).

The closest the blue team comes to disaster is running out of mashed potatoes three tickets too soon. Chef Ramsay acknowledges the blue team’s dominance by declaring the ladies the losing team. Tennille – who has been nominated for elimination on numerous occasions – is now given the task of selecting two teammates to potentially go home.

Tennille selects Suzanne and Sabrina for their weak performances during dinner service. Chef Ramsay, in typical fashion, tells a third person – Amanda – to step forward as well. Sabrina pleads her case, and Chef Ramsay says he is looking for consistency but Sabrina has only been “consistently crap.” Ultimately, Suzanne and Sabrina get back in line while Amanda takes off her jacket and leaves Hell’s Kitchen.