After a disappointing first dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs return to their dorms following elimination. The Red Team takes advantage of having Robert on their team, since he is the only chef to have already competed in Hell’s Kitchen.

After a good night’s sleep, both teams report to Chef Ramsay to receive instructions for their next challenge.

The Shrimp Challenge

For the challenge, each chef on both teams must clean shrimp by properly de-shelling, de-heading, and de-veining as many as possible in 10 minutes. At the end of the 10 minutes, Chef Ramsay will inspect each shrimp and the team with the most shrimp cleaned properly will win the challenge. Because the Red Team has one more chef than the Blue Team, Chef Ramsay picks Lovely to sit out the challenge.

Ramsay examines the shrimp, and one by one, either declares it perfect, or throws it in the bin. The women are first, and have 44 shrimp that meet Ramsay’s satisfaction. The men, however, manage to clean 45 shrimp to perfection, and they win the challenge.

The men are treated to a seafood feast and yacht ride, while the Red Team has to prepare enough shrimp and lemons to make shrimp cocktail for the entire dining room.

The Second Dinner Service in Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Ramsay declares that there will be tableside shrimp scampi service, and selects Van and Tennille to do the duty for their respective teams. Both chefs have trouble with this task, as Tennille tries to serve raw shrimp to a pregnant woman and Van starts to serve tables marked for the Red Team. Jean-Philippe and Van exchange words in front of the diners, and Chef Ramsay tries to diffuse the situation.

In the kitchens, things are not much better. Both teams have difficulty getting chicken properly cooked, Lovely continually burns the fish, and neither kitchen can get orders out to the dining room. Ramsay finally orders the chefs to quit cooking and prepare shrimp cocktails for everyone so that the customers can at least get something to eat.

Preparing for Elimination

Because of the dismal performance of both teams, Ramsay instructs each team to nominate two people for elimination. The Red Team puts up Tennille and Lovely as their nominees, both due to their poor performance at dinner service.

Ramsay then asks Joseph who the Blue Team has nominated and why. Joseph has an attitude and doesn’t respond to Ramsay’s question, saying that the nominated chefs know who they are and why they were nominated. After repeated tries, Chef Ramsay and the other chefs cannot get Joseph to lose his attitude and answer the question. Finally, Joseph pulls off his jacket storms down to the front, coming face-to-face with Ramsay, asking him to step outside.

The episode ends in a showdown between Ramsay and Joseph, To Be Continued…..