A week after Lovely and Tennille were spared from elimination, Hell’s Kitchen continues with Chef Ramsay assigning partners for this week’s challenge. The challenge, he reveals, is to make the perfect sausage. After several borderline tasteless jokes about the men and their meat, the teams start pumping out chains of six-inch sausages.

The red team takes an early lead, while Robert and Jim remain the only pairing incapable of producing a single link on either side. In what may be a Hell’s Kitchen first, the trailing team does not mount a comeback to tie the score, and the ladies easily get the victory. So while the men head off to clean the dorm as their punishment, the members of the red team enjoy a German-themed night out.

Losing the challenge proves to be more than Robert can handle, as he explodes during the punishment when Chef Scott tells him that his passion should show during the challenges and not afterward. One broken broom later, the aspiring chefs get some sleep in preparation for the next day’s dinner service.

Dinner Service in Hell’s Kitchen

During prep, Dave gets a phone call regarding his broken wrist and is told that the fracture will require him to wear a cast that would cut short his stay in Hell’s Kitchen. However, he meets with Chef Ramsay and tells him that he wants to stay and compete.

Back in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay picks Ariel and Jim to be greeters during service. As the doors open, a flood of diners enters Hell’s Kitchen, including a vast array of “where are they now?” celebrities like Tom Green, Nick Lachey’s less famous brother, and one half of Kid ‘n’ Play.

Tek struggles with the capellini, and John O’Hurley (current host of Family Feud) sends his pasta dish back to the kitchen, saying it tastes like a cow’s salt block. Tennille gets her team back on track, further redeeming herself after two straight weeks of near elimination.

On the blue team, however, Andy’s inability to produce satisfactory lamb slows down the men’s progress and sends Robert into another frenzy, as he “overcommunicates” his frustration with Andy.

While Tennille shows improvement in the kitchen this week, her partner in near elimination, Lovely, continues to prove that she does not belong in this competition, and Chef Ramsay does not hesitate to point this out whenever possible.

Midway through service, Dave returns from the hospital and jumps on the dessert station. Chef Ramsay comments that, even though he has just one hand that he can use, Dave is “working quicker than anyone.”

Rush to the Finish Line, Elimination

Chef Ramsay then states that the first team to finish all of their tickets will be the winner. Both teams rush to finish their final three tickets, but Andy rushes too fast and tries to send out raw chicken. Ultimately, the mistake is meaningless as the blue team still manages to complete service first.

As a result, Sabrina – “the best of the worst” – is given the task of choosing two teammates for possible elimination. Those two candidates end up being Tek and Lovely, the latter of whom is called “more laid back than an ironing board” by Chef Ramsay.

Before making a decision, Chef Ramsay asks Suzanne who she would send home, and without hesitation she names Lovely as the one who should leave the show. Chef Ramsay says he agrees with that decision, and Lovely – or “Useless” as Chef Ramsay says her name should be – takes off her jacket and leaves Hell’s Kitchen.